This is called the Sunday Blog because it happens to be Sunday and because it is a blog which I always wanted to write. And because I couldn’t think of a better title.
As a young and foolish person in the last century, I always hoped to be old and wise one day. Well, I am old. Since I can’t pass on any wisdom, I have decided to write about anything that pops into my head and the top of my list these days is my bones. This is a lengthy topic so I may have to use two blog sessions or even three to cover it.

I broke my first bone when I was almost 4. The tricycle I’d inherited from my older cousin was large and very unaerodynamic. I was chugging along the path when a wheel caught on a back step and over I went. My mother guessed I’d done some damage and needed an x-ray. Since this was 1944, the men were all away at the war and our neighbour Phyl carried me into the car and then into the hospital. I was very unhappy about not being carried by my mother; however, she was already carrying enough. My sister was born two days later. The injury was described as a greenstick fracture and the tibia was bandaged. I went to stay with my great-aunt while Mum was in the maternity hospital. I remembered hopping or crawling to get around and this is how I celebrated my 4th birthday. My sister and I had birthdays five days apart. Aunty Minnie invited the kids from the farm along the road for biscuits and cake.

Somehow I survived the rest of my childhood and my teenage years without breaking any bone. My next accident happened when I was in my twenties with two small children. I was walking across our living room with a baby bottle in one hand and a tea cup in the other when I either tripped or slipped. The result was another trip to a different hospital, another x-ray and a broken bone in my left foot. The heavy plaster cast made looking after the kids rather tricky. I was a lot more flexible in those days as I recall taking a bath with my cast resting nonchalantly on the edge. I needed my husband’s help to get in and out of the tub. These days to achieve the same feat, I’d need a forklift.

I told you this was an extensive subject. Next time, I’ll move forward a few years and write about the other limbs I’ve managed to injure.

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