fireworksFireworks: July 1st

Messages from Earth

spray the sky with

wild luminous lace.

We watch the flashes

signal our cries to distant

ears and eyes; our balefire

of silver, gold, red and green

reflects in black lake water.

Reprinted with the permission of the publisher of Sunshine in a Jar Press. The poem appeared in FROM THE COTTAGE PORCH, an anthology of writing about cottage life.

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Poems were my writing choice when the kids were small and I was working full time. The poetry group I joined met once a month at each other’s homes and provided wine and 2 poems each for discussion and dissection.  We gave public readings attended by reluctant family members. Once we were visited by Irving Layton. He came late and left early!

In 1985, we self-published a collection in a book titled Blue Asterisks. I designed the cover and added some graphics. We were all individually published in various literary magazines, many of which have since become extinct. My proudest achievement was having a poem appear in The Fiddlehead.

Although the Oakville Poets’ Workshop disintegrated, I recall our meetings with great pleasure. I learned that every word should count and that’s a valuable lesson to learn early in a writing career.