My first books for adults were written long, long ago. They were dreadful but did amuse me when I reread them. Number 3 was marginally better. I submitted it and received a damning rejection. I was devastated but should have been appreciative of the fact that I received any comments at all.

My next serious effort was a self-published novel called INCIDENTAL LIGHT. Self-editing was part of the process and I did a poor job. I cringed at the number of errors in my released copy and when I got the chance to correct them, I took it. Bet I still missed some. I did like the cover but the book itself is out of print.

This brings me to 2017. In May, Solstice Publishing released my fantasy novel BLADE AND BLOOD. I have always enjoyed fantasy and, naively, looked forward to writing it. Little did I know how hard it is to create a different world. You have to consider social customs, religion, dress, diet, animals and birds, etc. etc. Names are especially trying. Inventing new ones that won’t be confused with previous names is tough. And I have completed book #2 with a publishing date of 2018. The last one should appear on the horizon in 2019.

Speaking of name, one comment about the author. I wrote my kids’ books under my birth name of Barbara Winter. I wanted my adult books to be distinctive so I became Molly Fraser: Molly after my mother and Fraser after me. It’s my second name. The paperback and ebook versions are available from Amazon. I’ve been encouraged by comments from readers who loved the first book of the series. Let’s hope the next ones are equally engaging.