I suppose it is a bit late to write about this month since it is more than half over but I was dealing with family research earlier and I can only think about one thing at a time these days. I am blaming this on a combo of chemo and pandemic brain. I’ve read about chemo brain and surely there must be some cellular deterioration from covid-19.

So it is September, one of the birthday months in our family, At the moment four people grow older in September but there were two others who have died. In our family, birthdays seem to arrive in bunches with May being the really hot month with five living people celebrating and three dead people being remembered. This year we haven’t been able to hold the usual celebration and I have missed the rather crowded and noisy get-to-gethers where we always ate, drank and talked a lot. Good times.

September used to be a busy work month for me. As a teacher, I started preparing for the new academic year in August. We had to attend staff meetings at the end of the month to get ready for the influx after Labour . Sometimes, I had a new course to write and that gave me extra pressure. Then teachers and students grumbled about timetables with classes that started too early or ended too late. Room assignments were anther bone of contention. People with small classes may have been assigned to large rooms while those with large classes had to squeeze their students into small spaces. It’s strange that after so many years of retirement, I still have scary dreams where I cannot find the class and/or room listed on my timetable and I dash frantically around the college searching for them. I wake up feeling anxious. No wonder I have high blood pressure.

I am not sure how I would cope with teaching now. Obviously my courses would have been converted to online instruction and I can imagine getting confused with some of the delivery technology. I may have coped if I’d had the same helpful office partner as I did in my working days. He always bailed me out with computer problems. However now we would each be at separate homes which would make things trickier and slower. Maybe it is just as well I retired when I did. Apart from the technology stuff, I’d miss teaching a class of actual not virtual students.

The leaves are starting to turn down here in the south of the province and they must be more colourful further north. When I look from my terrace, the green leaves below me are tinged with gold. I think I’ll write about leaves next week.