October etc

It seems like just the other day that I wrote about September and now somehow that month has vanished. October used to be the month in which we organised our Canadian apartment to chug along by itself and packed for our New Zealand life. No more, thanks to this !@#$%^ cancer I developed. It got me thinking about mutation.

I checked the definition and found this: the changing of the structure of a gene resulting in a variant form that may be transmitted to subsequent generations, caused by the alteration of single base units in DNA, or the deletion, insertion or rearrangement of large sections of genes or chromosomes. Mutation is ultimately the only way in which new variations enter the species.

So, I guess I am a mutant or at the very least I am supporting a mutant gene. in my body. Since it is an uninvited tenant, maybe I could evict it for non payment of rent. It sounds like science fiction. I was assured that this JAK2 gene cannot be inherited but what if that is wrong. I hate to think that I might pass this PV to my descendants. It is not exactly a useful mutant gene as it causes the production of too many red blood cells. These can gum up the vital organs. Not a good thing to bequeath to the family. Why didn’t I develop a mutation that ultimately created a superior species?

I started with October so should return to the subject. The month has its benefits especially in the landscape department. Our trees will look wonderful in two more weeks. They are rather attractive right now. And two family members have birthdays this month. Happy days to both. I am trying not to think about Thanksgiving as it cannot be the large family gathering of days past. We are too many for an inside social occasion. Besides, I am reluctant to meet up with people I have not seen for months even though I love them dearly. I am planning a take out dinner. A whole turkey is too daunting as we’d be munching on it for weeks.

Well, I sort of wandered around but since this is my post and my blog, I am permitted to digress.