Condo Life

Most people in our condo building have moved from a house to our condo building.There are many adjustments to be made after the move and the first is to getting used to less living space.

If you have been living in a three or four bedroom house with a finished basement, you must now cope with a one or two bedroom apartment with a storage locker. What of your existing furniture will fit? We kept our queen sized bed and bedroom furniture and our dining table and chairs. The table had two leaves to increase or reduce its size and these could be stored in our locker. We were given an easy chair and bought the small sofas and tow more easy chairs along with a bed and dressers for the second bedroom. A small round table in the end of the kitchen served as a desk and an informal eating space. High stools gave us more eating options at the granite counter. .

I was lucky to have some experience in moving from a bigger space to a much smaller one. My mother had left her large three bedroom bungalow for a tiny two bedroom house where you’d have had trouble swinging the legendary cat. I always wondered why you’d want to swing the poor animal in the first place. Mum had some grandiose ideas about what furniture to take with her and it was only when we measured things to prove that they would or would not fit in their new home that she agreed on various items.

After she had moved we were lucky to rent an identical house in the same complex and we knew then how little furniture we needed. So I had some knowledge of enjoying a comfortable life in a small place. Mind you I did miss my previous house which seemed enormous in comparison to the condo apartment. I was amused by comment of a neighbour who was moving in next door to us. She said with great pride she’d bought new furniture. When I thought about it, I realized we had too and most residents probably did the same as their old pieces did not fit. .

There are definite advantages in a smaller place. If you want to have less garden and no lawn to mow, then the condo with a little balcony or larger terrace is the right choice. The apartment is also easier to clean and there are fewer spots to lose objects. Mind you we still manage to mislay stuff but that is more because of our age. and my rotten eyesight.

I will write more about condo life next week as there is too much to fit into one blog post.