Since 1993

Writing’s always been part of my makeup. As a child, I loved writing compositions. At boarding school, I wrote stories and rhyming poetry. My encounter with free verse resulted in long unrhymed poems crammed with teenage angst. University allowed me to add unrequited love themes to the mix.

Through a creative writing class in Oakville, I met some poets. Over the next years, our group met regularly to drink wine, laugh and discuss our poems. During school vacations, I wrote several dreadful novels. Retirement took me in a different direction. I wrote a series of early chapter books for children. These manuscripts boomeranged back with great regularity until they landed on the desk of a local publisher. The first three books were released in the USA.  

The other children’s books that have been published are four  graphic novels and  three non-fiction books.

I've always wanted to be a published writer of adult novels as well. That should happen in 2017 as Solstice Publishing  will release two books. See the Writing for Adults page for details. .